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Professional Radon Gas Testing and Mitigation

We are a Twin Cities-based RADON GAS DETECTION SERVICE dedicated to helping the home, apartment, and business owners determine how dangerous their radon gas level is.  Our experience in this field, cutting-edge investigative technology, and dedication to ensuring your safety, has made us a go-to Radon Gas Investigation and Mitigation service provider.


According to the EPA, RADON GAS causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year in the United States and is the second most deadly cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking.


A Radon Hunter Investigation is the most accurate way to determine if your health is at risk from the cancer-causing RADON GAS that is in your home or place of business! 

We Provide Investigative and Mitigation Services for the following:

Real Estate
Daycare Centers
Retirement Centers

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