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Yes, there IS Radon Gas in YOUR home!

The EPA says that RADON GAS causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year in the United States and is the second most deadly cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking.


Yes, there is radon gas in your home.  This is just a fact.  This knowledge creates some important questions.  For instance, you might ask:


How much radon is in my house? 

Are the levels unsafe? 

Are the radon levels already causing potential health issues?

What can I do to fix this?


That's where Radon Hunter comes in.  Our experience in this field, cutting-edge investigative technology, and dedication to ensuring your safety has made us a go-to Radon investigation and mitigation service provider.

Why Choose Radon Hunter?

As our name implies, we pride ourselves on hunting down the source(s) and various levels of radon gas - whether it be in your home, apartment,  or place of business.  RADON HUNTER is a RADON GAS DETECTION SERVICE, based out of the Twin Cities metro area, dedicated to helping you determine how dangerous your radon gas level is.


We've been investigating radon gas and other toxic gases for years.  Recently, the public has become more informed about how deadly radon gas can be and how relevant the concern should be to every home, apartment, and business owner. 


Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will assist you throughout the investigative process and help you rid your residence or business of dangerous radon gas. 


A RADON HUNTER investigation is the most accurate way to determine if your health is at risk from the cancer-causing RADON GAS that is in your home!  We utilize the most current, accurate, and effective technology on the market. 

We provide you and your family with documentation showing you the RADON levels in your home over a 48-hour period, with measurements taken automatically every half hour, and we provide you with the complete test results, including our recommendations.


Your health is important.  Don’t take a chance on being one of the 21,000 people the EPA says will die from lung cancer each year!

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