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RADON HUNTER is an Edina and Eau Claire/Altoona-based RADON GAS DETECTION and MITIGATION SERVICE, dedicated to providing accurate and affordable help to home and business owners.  Radon Hunter determines how dangerous your RADON GAS level is and helps resolve any radon-related issues.


A RADON HUNTER Investigation is the most accurate way to determine if your health is at risk from the cancer-causing RADON GAS that is in your home!  According to the EPA, RADON GAS causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year in the United States and is the second most deadly cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking.

We provide you and your family with documentation showing you the RADON levels in your home over a 48-hour period, with measurements taken automatically every half hour, and we provide you with the complete test results, including our recommendations.


Your health is important.  Don’t take a chance on being one of the 21,000 people the EPA says will die from lung cancer each year!

It's a FACT that you have RADON Gas in your home. Contact us NOW to investigate and resolve any unsafe Radon gas levels!



"The guys at Radon Hunter were professional and did amazing work!  I had no idea that this toxic gas was in my house, affecting the health of my family.  They found the source, fixed the issue, and put my mind at ease!"

John Andrews, Edina, MN

"Radon hunter was reasonable in price, did an excellent job of solving our radon issue, and a pleasure to work with.  I'd definitely recommend them to my family and friends."


Kathy Enders, Minneapolis, MN

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